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About Michelle

Driven by a passion for empowering women to take charge of their health and well-being, Michelle stands at the intersection of holistic health and transformative coaching. As a certified nutrition coach with a focus on diabetes prevention, a life and performance coach, and an Emotion Code practitioner, Michelle leverages an integrative approach to unlock the full potential of your body and spirit.

Client Testimonials

Just a few of the comments received from clients about the sessions for themselves or their pet family.

Wellness Advocate


Before receiving Body Code sessions I struggled with multiple health issues which kept recurring. After the sessions I experienced a drastic reduction of my symptoms. Excema, upper respiratory tract issues reduced considerably.

Digital Creator


Prior to my session I was in bed unable to move without pain. My pain level was at an 8. At the end of the session my level dropped to a 4 and I was able to do work afterwards.



 I had a...session for my Dog Archie. He was continuallybiting his back leg and feet. it was so annoying as he was making loud noises whilst doing this and making his paws all sore. After just 1 session he stopped biting his leg and 80% of the time had stopped chewing his feet.


We had one more session and the chewing and biting completely stopped .

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